The effects of the Digitalization in real-estate (EN)

As observable in many other industries, the real-estate industry isn’t affected very differently from the global rise of the digitalization in almost all aspects. From digitalizing paperwork to the revolution of lock- and security systems in physical estate – it’s essential to stay constantly updated on new emerging technologies.


Therefore, it is equally essential to develop a greater intuition towards which technologies can impact your company substantially rather than jumping on a hype-based bandwagon and overcomplicating each process instead of optimizing it for both the customer and the internal work of a company. We thrive to find that balance and create a new age of real-estate management – it’s our number one priority to make a noticeable difference for both the tenants and the involved parties in managing estate. Although it can be quite challenging to implement new technologies, it is extremely important to integrate workflow-optimizing processes for a flawless transition to a new digital age. We think that transparency is one of the most important values to carry within this industry – not just technologically.



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This global process of digitalization of course also influences the different strategies used to market estate traditionally. It is very important to communicate a feeling of community within each individual estate as well as in the bigger scope of our company and the industry itself. We want our tenants to feel that they are part of a community – not just customers. By creating our own enclosed “social-media” platform specifically for elron club members, we strongly believe that it makes people feel special and important as they should feel. In terms of marketing, it is also very important to stay up to date with the newest and highest standards of advertising our objects. Immersive virtual reality tours, high-quality production value in showreels and magnificent drone-footage to show an estate’s surroundings are all top-shelf measurements to show the full potential of an object and allow the viewer to have full transparency and immersion. On top of that, having different benefits exclusively for tenants also helps communicate our values of being more than just a real-estate management-company. We’re excited to see what the future holds and we will keep trying to use the emerging technologies in the correct way to make a more enjoyable experience in digital real-estate management.


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